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Recreational Agriculture

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    * Minsheng Recreational Agriculture District *
    * Name of Recreational Agriculture Area
      Minsheng Recreational Agriculture Area , Sanmin Township,. Kaohsiung County
    * Establishment

      Namasia Township was selected as a recreational agriculture development area by the Council of Agriculture and the county government and officially established in 2000.

    * Location and Scope

      The Minsheng Recreational Agriculture District is located in the north end of Namasia Township, bordering Taoyuan Township at the east, Alishan Township at the west, Mincuan village at the south, and Tataga at the north. The district covers an area of 340 hectares from the shores of Dakanu Creek and Tiebutier Creek, including the Meichan Terrace, Genben Terrace, Minsheng Terrace, Ciouping Terrace, Youth Garden, and Kamalon Terrace, as well as Dakanuwa, Mameiliji, and Nanumu Tribes.

    * Production in the Recreational Agriculture District and Farm Village Resources
    * Crops

      The main crops in this district are bamboo shoots, plum, mango, ginger, and peaches. In recent years, the township residents have been actively developing organic vegetable production with the vegetable coop association, in aim to build the area into a recreational farm. The district is also developing an open peach orchard for fruit picking activities and, under the help of the township office, the processed plum products have been developed into souvenir items.

    Plum Peach
    * Guesthouses

      There are currently seven guesthouse operators in the Minsheng area with a combined accommodation facility up to 500 persons per day. The guesthouses also organize firefly, spiritual camps, and fruit picking activities.

    firefly watching
    * Craft Studios
      There are four crafts studios in the Minsheng area.
    * Landscapes in the surrounding area
    Terrain Landscape
      Valleys: Minsheng Valley, Dragon-Phoenix Valley, Green Mountain Valley
    Waterfalls: Moss Fall and Dragon-Phoenix Falls
    Geothermal: Dragon's Fire
    Flora Landscape
      Formosa Zelkova (Zelkova formosana Hayata), Formosan Ash (Fraxinus formosana), serrata tree, acacia, Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis), bamboo, fir, sweet gum, and poinsettia
    Watere Landscape
      Nanjihsian Creek and branches, Sian Suspension Bridge, Minsheng Suspension Bridge, Wusi Suspension Bridge.
      Water Landscape
    * Recreation Activities
      Fishing: Nanjihsian Creek is open for fishing in May and June.
    Firefly watching: Firefly starts in April. Guesthouses and the township office offer firefly tours and tour guide services.
    * Cultural Events
      Ear-shooting Festival of the Bunun, Tsou's Migon Festival, River Festival, peach season, and firefly season