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  • Namasia Township is located at the northwest corner of Kaohsiung County and Tai 21 Expressway is a the main access road, which runs through three villages and connects to Tai 20 Expressway (the Southern Cross-Island Highway) at the 25 km mark to the southwest direction, linking Yujing at west and Taoyuan at east. The Township can also be accessed from Chiayi City southbound via Shanmei (Tanaiku Creek) and Chashan. Please see the access road system map for detailed information on the main access to Namasia.

    The administrative districts within the office’s jurisdiction include 35 villages and 992 neighborhoods (by July 2009), with a total of 164,611 people in 59,828 households. There are 3 senior high vocational schools, 5 junior high schools, and 10 elementary schools. Also, the Military Academy and Chung.Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School are without the office’s jurisdiction. Together with the ROC Military Academy, a complete education network is formed.