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Landscape and Ecology

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      Namasia Township has different charms in different seasons. In summer, forest SPA, river wadding, butterfly watching are the main activities. In winter, the plum blossoms and blooming poinsettia dress the hills in party dresses, and the season of aboriginal festivals would be a good time to visit Namasia. The ingenious craftsmanship of the gods is seen everywhere in Namasia, like the intriguing valleys, cliffs, rocks, rushing waters, and terraces.

      There is only one main road in Namasia, which cuts through the whole township. The residents access the township mainly from the south side via Jiasian Township. Therefore, the guide moves in the direction from south to north.

    • Grand Canyon and the Calling Terrace
    • Camphor Trail
    • The hiding place of the dragon's fire
    • Sunrise at Yudashan
    • Tengbaoshan
    • The misty Dragon-Phoenix Waterfalls
    • Listening to the history of the suspension bridge
    • Nanjihsian Creek Wildlife Reservation
    • Nacilan Creek Reservation
    • Laoren Creek Reservation