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    Shell Festival Ear-shooting Festival
      There are three villages in Namasia Township, which are Nanshalu village, Maya Village and Dakanuwa Village. There are 6 neighborhoods and 220 households in Nanshalu village, 6 neighborhoods and 207 households in Maya Village, and 8 neighborhoods and 392 households in Dakanuwa Village. There are total 20 neighborhoods and 819 households   The largest group in the population is the Bunun. Nanshalu village has mixed communities of the Bunun, Paiwan, and Han. Maya Village has mixed communities of  the Bunun, Paiwan, Tsou, Atayal.and Han. Dakanuwa village has mixed communities of the Bunun and Tsou.
    Migon Festival  Namasia Township has rich cultural resources, characterized by the active aboriginal cultures.   

       The Bunun people, people of the mountains and forests, are the largest ethnic group in the township, followed by the natural singers, the southern Tsous, which is further divided into the two groups- the Kanakafu and Aluwa. In addition, the humorous Paiwan and hard-working Hakka have also taken residence in the vicinity of Namasia.
    *Seasonal Celebrations


    Shell Festival


    Ear-shooting Festival

    April & May

    Migon (millet) Festival


    River Festival