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Local Products

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    * Plum *

    plum Dakanuwa Village is a country of plum blossoms. In winter, plum flowers blossom like snowflakes anddecorate the village into an enchanting land. The plums ripe in spring and summer and the fruits are mostly processed into black plums, crispy plums, plum juice. The plum products are mostly exported to Japan.

    * Bamboo shoots *

      Namasia Township has a wide canvass of bamboo woods. The bamboos are made into preserved shoots. The unique flavor is highly popular among the Japanese. Ma bamboo is harvested in mid-August. The large trunks of bamboo are skinned, soaked, cooked, sealed to ferment, and dried. It is a very complex process.

    * Fig Jelly *

      Kaohsiung County's fig jelly is mostly picked from the wild plants. The picking time spans from September to February of the following year and the fruit looks like green mango. The harvested fruit must be first peeled, holed, and dried for two days in the sun before the seeds are turned out and sunned for another week. The jelly making process: first, take off the seeds and put them in a straining cloth; squeeze the juice out with your hands. Approximately 10 minutes later, the juice will be all out; let it stand for another 10 minutes; the juice will then coagulate. Fig jelly is a cooling and refreshing dessert best suited for hot summer days.

    * Peach *

    peach Different sub-species of peaches have different harvest seasons. There are categorized into three types: the early peach (also known as the June Peach) and the interim peach (also known as the July peach), and the late peaches (also known as the August peach). The peak time of the peach harvest falls in between April and May. For different purposes, there are two types of peaches: for fresh consumption and canning. Most peaches planted in Namasia are for fresh consumption. When buying peaches, the skin color and texture are the essential indicators. Fruits with a plump body, adequate maturity, and high sugar content are the best choices.


    * Persimmon *

      To actively develop the local agricultural products and strive for high competitiveness, residents of Namasia organized an agriculture production and marketing coop center, which conducts researches for improvement of the quality of the persimmons. Namasia's persimmons are crunchy, juicy, and high in sugar content with distinctive bright color and appealing appearance. Though not widely planted, the high quality makes it well-known nationwide. It is a high potential product in the area. The main production in the Township is centered around the Siangbi village, the current planting area is around 5 hectares, and the harvest season goes from September to October.

    * Coffee *

      Carefully selected high-quality coffee from the mountain areas of 800 to 900 meters above the sea level, Taiwan's mountain-grown coffee beans are handpicked and baked with exclusive technologies to preserve the aroma, sweetness, and savory taste.

    * Pear *

      Namasia's pears are harvested during the period from June to July. They are crunchy, juicy, and sweet. Pears are a newly developed product in Namasia and have been planted in a large scale.